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Floor Mounted - Material:A Grade ABS Plastic - Modern
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รหัสสินค้า 516-4-tier-storange-rack-rectangle

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White Plastic Assemblable Bathroom Shelves Over Toilet

Installation Type:Floor Mounted
Material:A Grade ABS Plastic 


Freestanding Bathroom Shelves Over Toilet
Over time, the family will be more and more debris, messy pile on the beauty, we need to give these things piecemeal to find a good place to go. Household Storage function is manifested. For bathroom, there is necessary to put a bathroom shelf.

This bathroom shelf is over toilet with four shelves. It used ABS plastic material with white painting finish which can be rust-resistant. And plastic material is light so you can install it easily and carrying is very easy.
This freestanding bathroom shelves with the support bar up against the roof, down against the floor to be very solid and does not require drilling to install.
With a rubber band fixed tray can be adjusted freely up and down position so that racks no longer decline, bearing more stable.
Plus a large tray has draining design to be convenient and practical. You can put paper towels, hand sanitize, wipes and so on.
Bottom has telescopic handle design without measuring height and without cutting stitching to be always adjust the height.